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Hey girl hey, I'm Kristin!

Welcome! So glad to have you here.

For 16 years, food was my best friend. It was my go-to when I felt happy. Or sad. Or nervous. Or anxious. Basically whenever I felt any emotion, I chose food & lots of it. I felt absolutely chained to repeating the bingeing loop over & over again. 

I used to be someone that knew all of the empty and secluded parking lots to sit and eat so that no one could see how much food I was actually consuming.

I used to be someone that ordered many different things from different fast food places, while pretending to be on my cell phone placing orders for other people, besides myself.

I used to be someone that threw away the evidence (food wrappers) in different locations so that no one would find out.

I used to be someone that made myself feel better by eating.

I used to be someone that celebrated happiness by eating, but I also ate any time that I felt bad or when something went wrong.

I used to be someone that hated myself for my behavior, but I didn’t know how to stop and control it.

I used to be someone that thought something was wrong with me and that I was the only one with this problem.

I used to be someone that had Binge Eating Disorder. Yes. That was me.  I used to be all of the above.

Let's fast-forward to 2020 now.

I am not the above girl. At all. In fact, there's nothing about me and her that are even remotely similar. I have completely reinvented myself. I have a really healthy relationship with food (& even eat the much feared carb-y foods). I work out every single day. Every day? Every day. Why? Because it makes me feel good & strong. I start my mornings with gratitude & intentional goal setting. 

You need to know that I did not use to do the above things. Reinventing myself is no stretch of the imagination. It's also what had to happen in order for me to show up for myself & be the person I wanted to be.

You see, there is a way out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is this beautiful life standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. There is a way to look in the mirror and be proud of the person staring back at you. There is a way to feel confident about your body, not because you have achieved the perfect size or goal weight, but because you freakin' love yourself. There is a way to keep promises to yourself and fight for the person you want to be. 

Follow along as I share all of my thoughts, tips, & tricks with you, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

Remember, you are not alone & we are stronger together. 


Let's Be Friends
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Let's Grow Together

I love teaching about everything from personal development to mindset to gratitude to getting to the root of why you binge eat. There's a lot to discuss, let's start this beautiful journey together!

"When I found Kristin’s eBook, I was skeptical since I have tried so many things in the past, however, her program is the most valuable thing I have ever done for myself. When I got this eBook, I could not read it fast enough, and felt as though the pages were speaking to me! Kristin has really been there, and with each page I found more belief that there was a way out.

Although it has only been two weeks since I purchased her eBook and started the program, I have already taken huge strides towards recovery. I am exercising almost daily, eating much more healthy, working towards my goals, and my relationships (both personal and professional) are stronger then they have ever been. Kristin is such a sweet, genuine, and caring person.

She has helped me more than anyone could ever know."

- MaryAnn Tsou

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