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Yesterday a few emails came in from people saying that they just feel so doomed after binge eating. Like why should they pick themselves back up after bingeing to try to eat healthy the rest of the day – they had already blown it for that day.

I totally thought this same way back in the day too, especially if a binge happened in the morning or afternoon. When it came to thinking about dinner, why even bother with getting back on board?

I had already blown it for the day, so why not just continue to eat poorly and start fresh the next day. Or chances were that I would beat myself up about the binge only to eat away how I was feeling.

Sound familiar?

The next time you are tempted to throw the whole day out the window because you feel like you gave into a binge, try these ideas:

1. Write in your journal and really think about why you are about to binge. Ask yourself questions and get to the root of the real emotion that you are up against. Ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you are just binge eating because you feel like the day has been blown.

2. Call a trusted friend or family member and talk to them about what is going on with you.

image of a journal used to help overcome binge eating disorder.3. Keep yourself busy doing something. Anything. Whether it’s whitening your teeth, painting your nails, taking a bubble bath – It’s impossible to binge if you have strips on your teeth, if your nails are wet, or if you are in the bathtub.

Just remember that we all have our own setbacks and we are all in charge of the choices we make. Your day is only blown if you decide that it is. I’ve been where you are now and I know what it is like to want to give up.

I’ve had some obstacles where I gave in to binge eating. I have also beaten many obstacles that I was up against simply by choosing to be in control. Don’t let food make your choices and be in control of you. Remind yourself that you are a strong person that is fully capable of controlling your urge to binge. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to beat binge eating disorder, because you are.

Most importantly, when you beat a binge, make sure to praise yourself for being in control. My binge eating days were hard to overcome, but not impossible, and the same can be true for you. Every time that you crush that desire to binge, you are moving yourself one step closer to a better YOU. You are gaining a more productive, happier, and healthier life. There is a better life right around the corner for you – Just make sure that you realize that and reach for it.

PS - All of those who contacted me about the National TV Show about binge eating, I will be in contact with everyone within the next day or two.  I communicated with them again today.  Yes, things are moving forward.

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  1. lucy
    3 years ago

    I guess we all go thru that huh? Journaling does help a great deal also giving yourself a pat at the back. I did this once , gave myself an applause for not binging for the whole day and the next time I did I felt like there was a force within me laughing at me and telling me that it was in control and not I. I felt hopeless and now I know better , I know now that I gain the upper hand every time it happens , cause from journalling Im gonna know why it did and It definately wont happen again cause it wont use that trick on me again. After each journal entry i feel like Im a step ahead even if I did binge cause after I put down that pen I emerge more powerful. I believe this is the best remedy to get one back into the fight after that binge.

  2. Kristin Gerstley
    3 years ago

    Hey Lucy – I know exactly what you mean when you say that there was a force laughing at you. I totally get it and experienced that myself as well. You know what they say, fake it til you make it and maybe that’s what you need to do to shut the laughing force down. Journaling is an amazing tool!

  3. Harun
    3 years ago

    My fiance told me soitmheng really inspiring today. he said, Finite goals leave room for failure improvement is an infinite goal, and you cannot fail, you just need to persist . Your on the right path and in the right mind set. Keep it up girl!

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