Binge Eating on the Biggest Loser? Did you see that?

Biggest Loser Binge Eating

I don’t know if any of y’all are The Biggest Loser fans, but I sure am. The episode that just aired on April 10, 2012 really reminded me of how far I have come. It was makeover week and the contestants got to meet Michelle Obama at the White House. It was a pretty amazing episode.

One of the contestants, Chris, started to miss her husband and she called home to talk to him. He told her that he missed her and wanted her to come home. He told her that there was no “substitute for his wife”. While he was speaking from his heart, I wish he had kept some of his feelings to himself.

It felt like Chris felt guilty for being away for so long and sad because she missed her husband. So what did she do? She slipped back to her old ways once again. She turned to food to comfort her feelings. She was crying and felt like binge eating was the only thing that could make her feel better.

And she began to binge eat.

It was a weird moment to watch for me. I mean, I know what I used to eat when I binged and I know how I felt, but to see someone with such raw emotion on television was almost surreal.

  • To see someone lose so much control.
  • To know what it feels like to shut down your whole body and brain so that you don’t let yourself feel what you should be feeling.
  • To binge eat to numb yourself.
  • To completely spin out of control in a scary downward spinal.

It was a lot to watch for binge eaters, past and present alike.

Image of Chris on the Biggest Loser Binge EatingI felt so bad for Chris. I wish her husband responded to her phone call with a little more support. My heart was breaking for her not to do the inevitable. I was pissed at her husband. She needed support and reassurance that she needed to be at the ranch (or Washington D.C. this week) and she didn’t get it.

When Bob realized that something was different in Chris at the gym, they had a heart-to-heart. Bob asked Chris how she felt after bingeing and she said, “Lousy”. Truer words have never been spoken.

Bob told her to use this opportunity to learn from her mistakes instead of letting them reinforce negative thoughts about her. I just love him!

Bob told Chris that she needed to get healthy for her, no one else. He really opened her eyes because she turned back into the Chris that worked hard again at the gym… although, the damage had been done weight-wise because she gained two pounds and was sent home from the ranch.

So, what’s my point in recapping this episode of The Biggest Loser?

To show you that no one is perfect. There were times when I slipped and gave into the binge eating monster. Chris slipped and binged while on The Biggest Loser. And the reality is that you might too. That’s not what’s important though.

What’s important is what you do after you slip. Do you start self-defeating thoughts about yourself? Do you just keep spiraling down out of control? Or do you realize that it’s okay and pick yourself back up?

Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Figure out what caused you to binge eat and do something different next time. Go for a walk. Get out of the house. Write in your journal. Talk to a friend about what you are feeling. Go for a drive.

Just do something different so that you have a more positive outcome. Remember, while bingeing might make you feel better temporary (for like 2 minutes), it won’t solve anything and you will feel lousy in the end. Regain control so that you can feel proud that you beat a binge and start focusing on all of the positives in your life.

Remember your past does not have to be your future.

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  1. lucy
    3 years ago

    Sometimes slipping can be so devastating when you soulfully crave to be normal. You can feel the helplessness and its so darn relentless. The lack of control drives me crazy. At times after a binge I wonder what came over me, why I cant rationalise B4 a binge , why Its so difficult to negotiate my way out of it. You know something’s in control and it wont give up power and it makes me feel like such a loser that I cant live my life,” MY LIFE AS I WANT” AS I DESIGN IT. Its frastrating. Kris this thing nags and calls at you and wont let you B untill you bow down to it . Im hostess to a parasite that needs to be appeased constantly and just feeds on my energy. Prisoner within myself, tortured 24/7. Why? What is this thing? Anyway , I guess you are right “if at first you do not succeed , get up, dust yourself and try again.” My past does not have to be my future. Although I think its unfair to blame her husband, He was expressing his emotions and its not his fault that she cant deal with her’s correctly. I feel for her. But people like us will be liberated by standing our ground against this merciless parasite no matter what the circumstance. OH! How I dream of it, but watch this space cause when the urge comes , I vanish. I VANISH. How do I get hold of myself at that time?

  2. Mona
    3 years ago

    I really like your post…and I am sorry that I missed this episode of Biggest Loser! This is exactly right, pick yourself up, let go, forgive yourself, and move forward. The hardest part is letting go and not “stressing out” about what you have just done and what happens as a result of it!

  3. Kristin Gerstley
    3 years ago

    @lucy – It really is frustrating and my heart goes out to you and everyone else that has to deal with BED. I remember succumbing to the binge eating monster many times. You are right – you do tend to vanish and become trance-like. Totally not in control. A prisoner. It sucks the life out of you :(

    I do tend to think that her husband should have kept his feelings to himself though. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Chris, she needed to be there, especially after the binge eating show. While it isn’t his fault that she can’t handle hearing certain things, I think it’s his responsibility to support her and her desire to get healthy… and for that reason alone, I feel like he should have sucked it up for her sake.

    @Mona – Thanks, glad you liked it! It’s really hard not to stress out about bingeing, but it’s important not to hold yourself down. Hard, but very important. And if you want to watch that episode, I’m sure you could find it on

  4. maureen baker
    3 years ago

    i am also a monday starter depending what happens in the week determins my un/ healthly attitude to food

  5. Agata
    3 years ago

    Girl I laughed when I saw the photo – kninowg where you were going with that. I am so tired of starting over tomorrow, I’m getting on my own nerves. As for this Tuesday weigh in, I don’t even want to know. I’ve been exercising but then eating back twice the calories. Humph! Such a continuous stinking battle.

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