Being Prepared Can Really Help You To Not Binge

image of New York City.

This past week I was visiting a friend in New York City. It was the first time I had left my husband and son for an extended period of time. Five whole days! I was so excited to visit my friend, meet her new baby, and go to the big apple!

As I was finishing up packing, I thought about the airport food that I would soon be faced with. While there is tons of food to choose from, the healthy choices are really hard to find… so I packed my own snacks. Protein bars. Fiber bars. Nuts. Apples. Berries. You get the idea.

Once I boarded the plane, people began to order food a la carte. I won’t mention the kinds of food offered, but most everything was pure sugar full of high calories. I was really happy that I brought my own food since the flight was close to 4 hours. My snacks held me over for the whole plane ride, whereas the sugary snacks for others didn’t.

Fast-forward to being in New York City.

While walking around the city, I also kept snacks in my bag. You never know when you will want a snack and I choose to be prepared. I’ve found that it really helps me make better choices while I’m out in my day-to-day life. It didn’t matter where we were or what time it was, if I felt like I was getting hungry, I knew I had healthy food choices in my bag that I could rely on.

All that being said, I wasn’t so lucky on the flight coming back home. I left really early (like 5am early) and I was starving. My friend didn’t really have any great snack options, so I left her apartment empty-handed.

I knew that I was going to have to buy some kind of food at the airport, or I would be a really cranky person. Luckily, I found some nuts and a Kashi bar to take with me on the plane… and not going to lie, I was a little tempted to get a breakfast item from a bakery there. It smelled so good and you know how it goes, when something smells good and you are hungry, well, it’s just a bad combo.

The point of the above is that being prepared can help you with binge eating disorder, too. I remember that it helped me tremendously when I planned out my food for the day. As long as I knew what I was going to be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, there was hardly any room for error in my day.

I found that many of my binges happened with my food wasn’t planned. Combine that with being stressed out, sad, or whatever other feeling you feel, and a binge was imminent. When you have the “freedom” to choose what you want to eat in the moment of hunger AND when you are having a rough day, it’s too easy to make a bad decision.

I would suggest you make a food plan for the next few days. I wouldn’t plan out too far in advance (more than one week) because that could get overwhelming for you. Take the next two or three days and think about what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Make your meals and have them ready to go in the refrigerator. Carry your already-planned snacks with you at all times in case you get hungry. Be prepared for any situation you might be faced with.

It’s far too easy to binge when you are unprepared, so be prepared and see how that helps you out. It’s a tip that helped me in overcoming binge eating disorder, and still continues to help me make good decisions that now I have a healthy relationship with food.

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  1. maureen baker
    3 years ago

    this is so true……also all inclusive holidays was one of my worst nightmares didnt plan that holiday well all you can eat buffet agh starting my healthy eating plan on you guessed it MONDAY will defo do a menu and plan one week at a time fingerscrossed.. goodbye old bad eating habbits

  2. Kristin Gerstley
    3 years ago

    Maureen – Good luck with planning one week at a time! It definitely makes life in general so much easier to manage and it gives you knowledge of what’s coming next so you don’t turn to junk food and/or binge eating.

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